Business Licensing 

City of Brantford Business licensing by-laws are a means for which enforcement can be undertaken to protect against potential infractions in the following areas: public health and safety; nuisance control and/or consumer protection. Each of the licensing classes has their own unique Municipal Code Chapter governing their operations as well as being governed by the General Provisions – Issue of Licences Municipal Code Chapter. Licensing fees are established to offset the cost of the related enforcement and inspection programs.

Please refer to the pages listed within the left margin for each individual class of Business Licences currently enacted within the City of Brantford and their related information.

The information contained within the individual pages is meant to be a brief overview of the licence class and the requirements associated with. It does not replace or cover the entire list of provisions within the related Municipal Code Chapters. Please refer to the noted Municipal Code Chapters provided for the full information and associated requirements of the licensee. For your convenience the application and current list of operators has been provided at the bottom of the licences information webpage.

Application forms for Business Licences are also available at the City's Clerks Office, 1st Floor, 100 Wellington Street, Brantford, Ontario. In addition, inquiries can be directed to the City Clerk’s department by phoning 519-759-4150 or by email at

Amendments pertaining to business licensing occurred in November 2013. Please contact the Business Licensing department for the most current information.

Operation of a business under the following categories without a City of Brantford Business Licence is not permitted contrary to the Business Licensing Bylaw:

Schedule 'A-1' - Amusement Arcade
Schedule 'A-2' - Food Premises
Schedule 'A-3' - General Building Trades
Schedule 'A-4' - Lodging House
Schedule 'A-5' - Food Service Vehicle (formally Outdoor Food Vendor)
Schedule 'A-6' - Pawnbroker
Schedule 'A-7' - Temporary Sales
Schedule 'A-8' - Personal Service Settings
Schedule 'A-9' - Plumbing Trades
Schedule 'A-10' - Public Halls
Schedule 'A-11' - Salvage Yards
Schedule 'A-12' – Clothing Donation Bin

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact business licensing staff in the City Clerk's Department at 519-759-4150 or by email to

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