Lodging Homes 

“lodging House” means any building or portion thereof containing one or more lodging units and which may contain a dwelling unit in addition to the lodging unit(s);

“lodging Unit” means one or more rooms designed or intended to be used for sleeping accommodations provided to five (5) or more persons in return for remuneration or for the provision of services or both, and which may contain washroom facilities or kitchen facilities, but not both, and shall not include a dwelling unit; and

This Schedule shall not apply to the following:

(a) hotels, motels, and resorts;
(b) hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, homes for the young or aged, retirement homes, correctional homes, crisis residences or other institutions that are licensed, approved or supervised under any act, including any regulation thereunder, of the federal or provincial government; or group homes that are licensed under a provincial or federal statute

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Lodging House - Business Licensing Fees
New Renewal Transfer
$651 $556 Contact the Clerks Department as fee's may be associated


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