Official Plan Amendment to Support The Implementation of a Community Improvement Plan – Lead Water and Sanitary Sewer Pipes 


Date of Meeting: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2015
Place: Brantford and District Civic Centre, 69-79 Market St. S., Brantford, Ontario N3S 2E4
Time: 6:00-8:00 PM (brief presentation at 6:15 PM)

The City of Brantford will be considering an amendment to the Official Plan to expand the Community Improvement Policy Area in order to implement a specific Community Improvement Plan for the replacement of private lead water and sanitary sewer service pipes. The details are as follows:

  • Community Improvement Plans identify specific projects that need to be carried out in a particular area to improve the quality of life and built environment, and/or incentives for private sector investment to stimulate the redevelopment, rehabilitation or improvement of an area. Existing funding incentives for lead water and sanitary sewer pipes currently apply to residential land owners. In order to encourage the replacement of existing lead water and sanitary sewer service pipes, a Community Improvement Plan is required to extend grant funding incentives to property owners and tenants throughout the City.
  • Schedule 6 – Implementation of the City’s Official Plan, delineates the Community Improvement Policy Area Boundary, that allows for Community Improvement Plans to be developed and implemented throughout the City. As part of the Official Plan Amendment, it is proposed to remove Schedule 6 – Implementation, from the Official Plan as there is no need to define the limits of the boundary for the Community Improvement Policy Area as it will be expanded to include the entire municipal boundary. Also, the “Mutual Planning Advisory Area” was disbanded by Brantford City Council on February 14, 2011 and is no longer applicable and therefore does not need to be shown on Schedule 6 – Implementation of the Official Plan.

You are invited to attend a Community Open House on November 4th, 2015 to learn more about the amendment to the Official Plan and creation of the Community Improvement Plan, and to ask questions about how the amendment and Plan may affect you. The Community Improvement Plan will enable the City of Brantford to offer incentives for the replacement of water and sewer laterals for all property owners and tenants in the City of Brantford. For further information call Danette Dalton – Policy Planner at (519) 759-4150 extension 5163.