Applications & Fees 

The Development Application Fee Schedule is listed in the table below and available as a PDF.

Cheques and cash are the only accepted payment methods. Cheques should be made payable to the City of Brantford. Fees are not subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), except for the Letter of Compliance.

The applications for Plans of Subdivison, Condominium, and Part Lot Control are currently under review to ensure conformity with the Planning Act.

For questions relating to fees or to the completion of the applications, please contact the Planning Department at (519) 759-4150 or

Under the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.p. 14 s. 1.0.1 all information and material that is required to be provided to the City of Brantford respecting planning applications shall be made available to the public.

Development Application Fee Schedule, 2018
Application Fee Form
Official Plan Amendment PDF
Major $10,055
Minor $7,296
Zoning Bylaw Amendment PDF
Major $10,044
Minor $7,292
Combined Official Plan and Zoning Amendment PDF
Major $15,074
Minor $10,941
Extension to Temporary Use Bylaw $3,646
Plan of Subdivision / Condominium PDF
Plan of Subdivision $21,777
Plus amount per hectare or part $681
Subdivision Agreement Preparation $2,000
Engineering Review of Subdivision 4% of const. cost
Plan of Condominium $19,196
Engineering Review of Condominiums
Up to and including 10 units $5,000
Between 11 and 25 units $7,500
Greater than 25 units $10,000
Redlining (amending) a draft approved plan of subdivision / condominium $3,000
Revision to conditions of draft plan approval for subdivision / condominium $1,000
Site Plan Control Approval PDF
Major $8,127
Minor $3,051
Plus Engineering Review (fee may be reduced depending on application) $1,000
Site Plan Control (per additional circulation beyond 2) $250
Site Plan Agreement (per additional agreement) $750
Site Plan Inspections for Release of Securities (per site visit beyond two visits) $125
Amendment to an Approved Site Plan $1,525 PDF
Relief from Part Lot Control $1,500 + $50 per lot or unit PDF
Committee of Adjustment
Consent (Severance) - Includes $250 for Engineering Review $2,557.80 PDF
Minor Variance - Includes $250 for Engineering Review $1,807.80 PDF
Combined Consent and Minor Variance - Includes $250 for Engineering Review $3,124.20
Other Fees:
Preconsultation Meeting (Not applicable to severance and minor variance applications. Refundable if development application submitted within 1 year of meeting) $400 PDF
Engineering Preconsultation Fee (Fee is non-refundable if development is submitted within 1 year of meeting, the fee is only applicable to preconsultation applications for Major Site Plan Control (or Major Amendment), Plan of Subdivision, and Plan of Condominium applications) $1000
Amendement to Application (requiring additional technical circulation) $250
Recirculation of Public Notice of Application for Official Plan or Zoning Amendment $536
Cancellation of Public meeting (at applicant's request) $125 per mailout and/or $200 per newspaper notice
Letter of Compliance $70 + HST