BizPaL - Find Permits & Licences You Need 

Looking to start or grow your business?

BizPaL is an innovative online service that provides entrepreneurs with simplified access to information about business permits, licences and other requirements needed to start, operate and grow their business from the federal, provincial/territorial and participating municipal governments. The main goal of BizPaL is to make it faster and easier for entrepreneurs to get started by simplifying the time-consuming document research process.

Based on some generic information that you provide about your business, you will generate a complete list of needed permits and licences from the municipal, provincial/territorial and federal levels of government in one place.

The service is the result of strong collaboration between the federal, provincial/territorial and participating local governments, and was designed with the following benefits in mind:

  • Easy and Convenient
  • One stop access to permit and licence information
  • Accessible anytime

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