Water Conservation 

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In Canada, most people depend on a municipal water supply for their needs. Growing population and economic development is increasing demand on these water supply systems, which may be stressed in a dry climate. This future demand can be met by building additional water treatment plants or by upgrading current plant capacity, but this would be a considerable expense and may not be sustainable.

By managing our water demand, high capital expenditures can either be lowered or deferred resulting in cost savings for the City of Brantford. Additionally, a reduction in water usage directly results in lower bills for residents. When the water usage is reduced, there is also less wastewater produced which translates into even further savings. Reducing our demand will also ensure that these water resources are available further into the future.

The City of Brantford has a number of initiatives designed to conserve municipal water. Click on the links below to learn more about our following programs and initiatives:

Watering Restrictions and Water Conservation By-law

Summer watering restrictions are restricted to 7am - 9am and 7pm - 9pm in the months of June, July and August on your odd/even watering days.  The Water Conservation By-law helps to manage the supply of water used outdoors as the water demand can increase up to 50% in summer months due mainly to lawn irrigation. 

Water Restrictions and By-laws

Click for more information on Watering Restrictions and the Water Conservation By-law  

Water Restrictions FAQS

Click for Watering Restrictions Frequently Asked Questions

Water Conservation

Children's Water Festival

At the Brantford/Brant Children's Water Festival, young students are taught about the importance of water conservation, protecting our water resources and respecting our environment. Grade 4 children attend through a class field trip and learn through many fun and interactive activities. 

Click for more information about the Children's Water Festival

Community Outreach

During the summer months, City staff spend time at various stores, festivals and events throughout the community to educate residents on the City's Water Conservation By-law and various other water conservation programs.

Click for more information about Community Outreach

Drought Advisory

Click for drought advisory information and current levels

Solutions for Leaks in the Home

Click for information about leaks in your home and some solutions

Low-Flow Toilets

Click for information about low-flow toilets

Tips - Indoor Conservation

Click for tips on indoor conservation

Tips - Outdoor Conservation

Click for tips on outdoor conservation

Water Conservation Programs

Waterwise Demonstration Garden

The Waterwise Demonstration Garden showcases beautiful gardens that use drought tolerant plants that survive on just rainfall alone. Located at Tranquility Hall, on the corner of Powerline Road and Francis St., this garden is great alternative to traditional lawns and gardens.

Click for more information on Waterwise Demonstration Gardening and resources

Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program

Do you have a waterwise garden? We want to recognize you! Nominate yourself or a friend and submit your application by August 22nd. See the program page for more details, including criteria. 

Click for more information about the Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program

Waterwise Garden Workshop Series

The City hosts free waterwise gardening seminars every year during the month of March. All residents are welcome whether you are just a beginner or are an experienced gardener. Workshops are on a wide variety of topics from how to establish a low maintenance waterwise garden to how to develop design plans ideal for your yard. See the program page for a summary of the 2017 workshops.

Click for more information about the Waterwise Garden Workshop Series

Rainbarrel Sales Event

Every year on the last Saturday in May, the City of Brantford sells rainbarrels to residents at a subsidized cost. Investing in a rainbarrel is an excellent way to collect water to use for your lawn and gardens, while saving municipal drinking water for drinking.

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Be Water Smart - Indoor & Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

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