How many Cemeteries does the City of Brantford operate and maintain? Where are they located?
The City of Brantford operates and maintains the following five cemeteries: Oakhill Cemetery 17 Jennings Rd.(at the corner of Oakhill Dr. & Jennings Rd.) 519-753-0025 Mount Hope Cemetery 159 Charing Cross St. 519-753-0313 Greenwood Cemetery West @ George St. 519-753-0313 Tranquility Cemetery King George Rd. (west side of Hwy #24 & north of Fabricland plaza) 519-753-0313 Batson Cemetery King George Rd. (west side of Hwy #24 & in front of Fabricland plaza) 519-753-0313
What type of financial arrangements does the City of Brantford Cemeteries offer?
Interment rights and services must be paid in full prior to the delivery of such interment rights and services. Payment can be made by any one of the following methods: Cash, Debit, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard.
I would like something extra special to commemorate my loved one. What do you offer?
The City of Brantford Cemeteries offers the following extra special commemoration options: Monument Saddle Wreaths - available year round. Artificial Wreaths for placement from November 1 to April 1. Granite Commemorative Benches with your personalized message etched on the front of the bench. Commemorative Trees with your own personalized message inscribed on a plaque mounted to a rock located at the foot of the Commemorative Tree. These memoriums can be viewed at Mount Hope Cemetery, 169 Charing Cross or Oakhill Cemetery, 17 Jennings Rd. (corner of Oakhill Dr.& Jennings Rd.).
Is there a special area in the Brantford Cemeteries for the burial of Veterans?
Yes, Mount Hope Cemetery located at 169 Charing Cross Street has a special section for honoring our Veterans.
What do I need to know when choosing a cemetery?
Cemeteries are arranged in sections. They are usually divided by the type of memorial and the type of burial. For example, there is usually a flat marker section, an upright monument section, a cremation section and an area which houses columbaria. Depending upon the type of burial, you should be able to choose your preference in an available lot located in any of these sections. Therefore, on your visit to our Cemetery Office, keep in mind the type of burial preferred, as well as the type of memorialization you wish to choose. Our staff will guide you through the cemetery arrangement process.
Do you offer any planting services?
Yes, our Flower Program begins around the 1st of June and extends to October 31 (approximate dates - dependent upon frost conditions). Below is an overview: Potted Plants with Stands 10" Potted plant Choice of hanger or holder pot stand Stand supplied & set up on lot (stand remains property of the cemetery) Potted Plant watered, weeded & fertilized throughout growing season Removal of stand and potted plant in the Fall Seasonal fee
What are interment rights?
When arranging for a burial in a Cemetery you are purchasing the "right to use the lot for a burial". You will receive a legal document called a "Certificate of Interment Rights", once your purchase has been paid in full. Upon signing of the interment rights contract, you are agreeing to follow the regulations set forth in the Bylaw. The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services regulates Cemetery operations in Ontario. A Cemetery Act is in place and many of the regulations in The City of Brantford Cemetery Bylaw are legally required by the Act.
What is the procedure to have a marker or a foundation installed?
The procedure to have a marker or foundation installed in all cemeteries is as follows: Check with the Cemetery Office to see what type of marker or monument is allowed on the lot or grave you selected. Price the marker or monument with area monument dealers. Notify the cemetery office if you are purchasing from a monument dealer that is located outside the City of Brantford, so that our "Marker Agreement Form" can be forwarded to them. This form must be completed by the monument supplier. Specifications, dimensions and a sketch of the proposed marker/monument must be noted on the form for authorization from the Supervisor of Cemetery Services before production of the marker or monument can begin. Once approval has been granted from the Supervisor of Cemetery Services, the monument dealer may begin production of your marker or monument. Note: In 1992, the Province of Ontario mandated all cemeteries to charge a Care & Maintenance fee for markers and foundations. Based on the size of the marker, a fee is charged and placed in a trust fund. Only the interest from this Fund can be used to ensure that all markers and monuments are safe for the general public.
Who do I contact when an unexpected death occurs at home?
Call 911, which in turn will summon the appropriate emergency response unit, i.e. ambulance, fire department, police, or coroner. The coroner has the authority on the timing of the release of the deceased to a funeral home (of your choosing).
I am looking for the burial location of a deceased relative. Can you help me?
Yes, we certainly can! Please feel free to call either the Mount Hope Office (753-0313) or the Oakhill Office (753-0025) with the name of the deceased, along with the year of death and the Cemetery Services Staff will do their utmost to complete your research. If your request is greater than 2 names, a $ 10.00 fee per name will be charged. Please keep in mind, that searches can be very time consuming, therefore we may require a few days to complete your request.
How do I know that my lot will be maintained for future years?
One of the roles of the Ministry of Government Services is to protect you - the consumer. This includes making sure that the Cemeteries are will maintained for your family members. This is a long-term commitment and you need to know that the money will be there in decades to come. To ensure that money will be available in the future, there is legislation that has been put in place by the Cemetery Act that: " the owner of a Cemetery must have two Care and Maintenance Funds." Investment income from a trust fund is used to maintain the general upkeep of the Cemetery and investment income from another trust fund is used for the safety of markers and monuments.