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April 22-29 is Impaired and Distracted Driving Awareness Week in Brantford.

Learn more about what you can do to help keep our roads safe.

Nominations are now open!

Environmental Recognition Awards

The City of Brantford will present Environmental Recognition Awards to recognize individuals and groups who have contributed to the preservation, enhancement and improvement of the environment in the City of Brantford. There are a number of categories for youth and adults.

Recipients will be selected in March by the Environmental Policy Advisory Committee of the City of Brantford. Recipients will be honoured at a ceremony during Earth Week.

Click for more information about the City of Brantford Environmental Recognition Awards. Nominate someone today!

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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018

Committee Volunteers Needed, Walk of Hope Brantford
Hi , I am Tina Guerin a volunteer with Ovarian Cancer Canada and we are trying to get a Walk of Hope set up in Brantford. To do this we need committee volunteers. It would be greatly appreciated if you could post our info below to help this great cause.
Contact: Carrie Mahuran
Phone: 877-413-7970
Impaired and Distracted Driving Awareness Week 2018
On Tuesday, April 24th, Brantford City Council passed a proclamation declaring April 22-28, 2018 as “Impaired and Distracted Driving Awareness Week" in Brantford.
DINNER - Grace Anglican Church
Wheelchair lift downstairs.
Location: Grace Anglican Church
Contact: Maureen Brook
Phone: 519-752-6814
HOT DOG PROGRAM - Why Not Brantford Youth Centre
Parking on King St. & Dalhousie St. Use the front door located on Colborne St. Unit #86.
Location: Why Not Brantford Youth Centre
Contact: Charlie & Sue Kopczyk
Phone: 519-759-2221
LUNCH - Salvation Army Booth Centre
There is a side parking lot for parking. To access the building there is a side door - take the elevator/stairs to the second floor.
Location: Salvation Army Booth Centre
Contact: Paul & Jo-Anne Gilbert
Phone: 519-753-4193

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