The Waterfront Vision and the 10 Pillars 

The Vision of the Waterfront Master Plan

The Grand River and its tributaries are the lifeblood and a defining image of the City of Brantford. The Grand River valley has a great diversity of natural features and is enriched with an extraordinary historic legacy, evident of the Aboriginal and European cultures that have settled this land for over 11,000 years. The Waterfront Master Plan will respect and reinforce this legacy and will define bold new directions that build on the tremendous successes of the City and its partners, who together have established 70 km of trails and hundreds of acres of public space.

The Waterfront Master Plan will set forth a Framework to Protect the Grand River and Its Tributaries as a fundamental public resource for the residents of Brantford.

  • Natural Features will be protected and enhanced and the cultural heritage will be interpreted so that all can understand and appreciate this area's rich history.
  • The Trails will be easily identified and accessed, and the network will become a widely recognized destination.
  • A diversity of places to Access the water will be offered, providing for a variety of educational, recreational and leisurely activities that celebrate the Grand River and that will engage residents and visitors alike.
  • Appropriate Development on adjacent lands will recognize the significance of these locations; be rooted in best practices in city building; strive for design excellence; and contribute positively to the waterfront and Brantford's image.

And finally, the Waterfront Master Plan will inspire all residents to embrace this vision for sustainability and become stewards of this vital environment.

The 10 Pillars of the Waterfront Master Plan

  1. Link & Enhance Natural Features Systems
  2. Protect the Water Quality
  3. Protect the Integrity of the Dyke
  4. Value Heritage Resources
  5. Manage Naturalized Riverside Parks & Plan for Recreation that Depends on a Waterside Location
  6. Celebrate & Leverage the Trails
  7. Create & Promote the Waterfront Cultural Corridor
  8. Plan for a Sensitive Urban Interface
  9. Be a Model for Environmental Stewardship
  10. Plan Based on the Watershed