Projects & Initiatives 

The Projects and Initiatives area provides information about City of Brantford on-going or recently completed projects, plans and strategies.

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The list below features recent updates to the City's ongoing projects and initiatives.

Notice: Pre-Construction PIC For Improvements to Shellard Lane - Phase 2 - February 28, 2018
In advance of the construction, residents and businesses are invited to attend a Public Information Centre on Thursday February 22nd, 2018 for an opportunity to review the construction plans and the traffic detour map.
UPDATES: The planning process is underway for our 2017 Fall phase of playground replacements and renovations.
The neighbourhood parks in this phase of renovations include, Cameron Heights Park, Lynden Hills Park, Parsons Park
Healthy Kids Community Challenge
Our community is one of 45 across Ontario proudly taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge to promote children’s health through physical activity and healthy eating.
Design and Construction Manual
The manual is intended to aid in the planning, design and construction and maintenance and operation activities of linear infrastructure for new subdivision developments and the retrofit of existing infrastructure.
UPDATE: The Official Plan Review – Envisioning Our City: 2041 process has now resumed
The Official Plan Review is now underway, to establish a new, updated City of Brantford Official Plan. It will include a master planning process to add the Boundary Expansion Lands into the Official Plan.
2017 Transportation Master Plan
The 2017 Transportation Master Plan will include the Boundary Expansion Lands that were transferred from Brant County to the City on January 1, 2017.
UPDATE: The soil remediation program is completed! In total, 148,900 cubic metres of contaminated soil was excavated.
Thank you to everyone who lives and works in the neighbourhood for your patience and support throughout the project. It's thanks to the support of the neighbourhood that many of the unique challenges were sucesssfully overcome.
UPDATE: Phase 1 of The Southwest Sports Complex Project North of Shellard Lane underway
Work is now beginning on the detailed design for Phase 1.
Downtown Brantford: Partnership Driven Revitalization Video
Downtown Brantford is an ongoing success story. As one of 25 Ontario “Urban Growth Centres”, the City of Brantford has proven that strategic partnerships are an excellent way of revitalizing a downtown core.
The City of Brantford updated its Economic Development Strategy in 2016.
The revised strategy reflects both current state and future direction of the City’s economic development efforts based upon a comprehensive review.