Park Rehabilitation and Replacement Program 


The following 5 parks will be undergoing renovation in 2018-2019. Our public consultation and design process will be conducted throughout 2018 with construction scheduled for Spring of 2019.


  • City View Park
  • Grandwoodlands Park
  • Lansdowne Park
  • Orchard Park
  • Recreation Park

    We are currently in the process of our in school student design consultation as well as hosting community open houses for each park renovation location. Please see the following list for Community Open House Dates:

  • Grandwoodlands Park: Wednesday February 28, 2018 @6-8pm - Braemar House School Gymnasium

  • Lansdowne Park: Thursday March 1, 2018 @6-8pm - Lansdowne Costain School Gymnasium

  • Orchard Park & Recreation Park (Combined Open House): Wednesday March 7, 2018 @4:30-6:30pm - Woodman Community Center Camp Room

  • City View Park: March 8, 2018 @6-8 pm - Graham Bell Victoria School Gymnasium

    Please join your Ward Councillors as well as Parks & Recreation staff for light refreshments and to share your thoughts on the upcoming renovation of your neighbourhood park!

    2017 Fall Playground Renovations

    The planning process has been completed for our 2017-2018 Park Renovations and construction is scheduled to begin Spring of 2018. The four neighbourhood parks in this phase of renovations include:

    • Cameron Heights Park
    • Lynden Hills Park
    • Parsons Park 
    • Cockshutt Park 

    Please check back for updates as this project continues on through the year.

    Project Contacts

    Dave Zimmer
    Parks & Recreation
    Supervisor of Parks Design & Development
    519-756-1500 ext. 5510

  • Tracy Burgess
    Parks & Recreation
    Coordinator of Design & Development

    519-756-1500 ext. 5524

  • Mandy Wellsman
    Parks & Recreation
    Design & Development Assistant

  • 519-756-1500 ext. 5512