Draft Official Plan (Version 1, July 2016) 

  • The Draft Official Plan (Version 1, July 2016) has not been finalized or approved, and is not in effect.
  • In 2017, the City of Brantford resumed the Official Plan Review. The process will update and expand upon the Draft Official Plan (Version 1, July 2016), to incorporate the Boundary Expansion Lands and conform to recent Provincial requirements. The new Official Plan will guide the growth of the City to the year 2041.

Background to the Draft Official Plan

Between 2013 and 2016, much work was accomplished, including the hosting of visioning sessions, the preparation of technical background papers, and the creation of the new Draft Official Plan. It remains the foundation of the Official Plan Review process moving forward.

Visioning Statement

A new Vision Statement and 10 Guiding Principles were developed at community visioning sessions in 2013. The Vision Statement forms the basis for goals, objectives and policy in the new Official Plan, capturing the key messages expressed by the public and other stakeholders regarding how they see the future of Brantford in 2041.

Brantford has grown to become a unique urban community that has retained connections to its small town origins. It is defined by the Grand River, which is cherished for its natural features, historic legacy, and recreational amenities.

The people of Brantford are healthy and prosperous. They live in complete communities that are inclusive, accessible, compact, and well connected for all modes of travel. Residents have access to a range of community services and recreational amenities to support their well-being.

The local economy thrives because it is diverse and adaptable to changing trends, just as it has been over the course of Brantford's history.

The entire community comes together in the Downtown, which is recognized as the heart of the community with a mix of activities, and the highest quality public realm to present a distinct image of the city.

As Brantford grows, the success of our existing communities is strengthened, and the features that make the city unique remain as valued assets for future generations to enjoy.

The input received from citizens and other community stakeholders is summarized in a Visioning Report. City Council adopted the Vision Statement on December 16, 2013. The related Staff report and presentations are available below.

Issues Identification - Planning Summit: 2014

At the Planning Summit, held on March 26, 2014, the public and key stakeholders discussed planning issues to be addressed through the Official Plan Review process. Background Papers on eight topics were reviewed, including: Housing, Commercial Lands, Employment Lands, Downtown, Urban Design, Natural Heritage, Cultural Heritage, and Archaeology. The Planning Summit Consultation Summary was presented to Council in August 2014. The Background Reports, related Staff Report and presentation are available below.

Technical Background Papers: 2014-2015

Some additional, more detailed Technical Background Papers were prepared to guide policy development in the draft Official Plan.

  • The Natural Heritage Strategy outlines the natural heritage system framework that forms the basis for new and updated environmental policies to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment.
  • The Municipal Comprehensive Review of Commercial and Employment Lands is an analysis of land supply and demand, to guide planning strategies to meet the City’s long-term employment and commercial land needs based on provincial growth forecasts. In accordance with provincial regulations, the City of Brantford can only consider conversions of employment land to non-employment uses through a Municipal Comprehensive Review initiated by the City at the time of an Official Plan Review. (This analysis will be updated during the resumed Official Plan Review process to account for the Boundary Expansion Lands).

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